The day after President Trump and codefendants Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes won their Philadelphia defamation case on February 28th, 2024, where they used a “truth is a complete defense” strategy to expose massive election fraud. Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro responded by announcing he would partner with federal agencies to target “threats to elections.” Specifically, Shapiro will gag speech he deems “misinformation” with unveiled threats directed at President Trump, and Stenstrom and Hoopes, who have turned the false narrative of the “safest and most secure elections in history” on its head.

Massive Win for President Trump in Pennsylvania Election Fraud Defamation Lawsuit 

Shapiro Partners With CISA To Target Election Speech He Deems A ‘Threat’ 

There is no longer any question of whether there was massive election fraud in the November 2020 presidential election, or in elections since. It is now a matter of public and judicial record that it did occur, and Shapiro was at the vanguard in stealing both the Pennsylvania and national elections.

Election fraud is not the end goal, but the means by which a cadre of career criminals are placed in strategic roles within government to implement wealth extraction from the citizenry.

Left unopposed, Shapiro intends to continue stealing elections. In addition to his now open threats to anyone challenging what he ironically calls “The Big Lie,” he recently ordered that illegal aliens who apply for drivers’ licenses be illegally registered to vote by mail-in-ballot, is now prowling college campuses for non-resident students to also register to vote by mail-in-ballot, and amping up every possible method to cement his control over election outcomes.

The only “big lie” is that Josh Shapiro refused to investigate the massive election fraud reported to him as Pennsylvania Attorney General, and he never dared to enter a courtroom on the matter.

Shapiro Orders Automatic Voter Registration; GOP Cries Foul 

Josh’s Plan to Defend Democracy, Ensure Access to the Ballot Box, & Improve Elections

Shapiro has focused a group of criminal-minded acolytes, minions, and lawyers to terrorize anyone opposed to their ideas of the fundamental “transformation” of the government and maintain their hold on it to extort and extract the wealth of the citizenry. His simple formula, historically used by all tyrants, is to give weak-minded, resentful, unqualified people a little bit of absolute power, along with a salary that depends on them wielding that power and setting them loose.