Coalition for Election Integrity Mission Statement

The Coalition for Election Integrity exists to restore trust and integrity to all elections within our nation.  We will hold the system and all of its elected and appointed officials fully accountable for accurate, reliable and timely election results and to remove the erroneous manipulation of any voting methods.  The American voter must have their vote properly counted to ensure domestic tranquility as intended by our founders’ commitment as expressed in the U.S. Constitution.

CEI’s initial goals are:

  • Repealing Act 77 which expanded mail-in voting in Pennsylvania. Repeal no-excuse mail-in voting. 
  • Correcting the more than 2.1 million errant voter registrations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Judicial Watch 10/2022 report).
  • Disabling any external internet or external drives on Dominion-type voting machines, thus allowing manipulation.
  • Full investigative and forensic audit of voting results for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, especially the Philadelphia area, and in all 2020 Presidential election “battleground” states such as Arizona, Georgia, Minnesota, Michigan and Nevada. 
  • Ban mail-in ballot drop boxes. 
  • Supporting candidates who support Voting security improvements.
  • Increase fines and penalties for any voter fraud and for election officials who intimidate, block, or impede poll watchers. 
  • Require proof of voter IDs.