Pennsylvania Senate Bill No. 884 introduced

In the Pennsylvania Senate, SB884 (attached) would enact a constitutional amendment to be voted upon by Commonwealth citizens requiring in-person voting on election day except for military and disabled who would be required to have signature verification, and bans the creation of a permanent not-in-person (absentee ballot) voters list.

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Act 77 Rejection Follow-Up

Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D., F.A.C.P., Act 77 Rejection Follow-Up
February 2, 2022  Philadelphia, PA

Already analyzed is the Opinion showing why *Act 77 is Unconstitutional* and how it may prompt judicial implementation of the only reasonable remedy, a revote (inasmuch as all ballots have been admixed), because this ruling impacts ab initio of passage of Act 77. Also recognized was the gravamen of the rhetorical conflict [Article VII, § 1] that entitles the elector to “offer to vote” in the election district where “he or she shall have resided” 60 days before “the election.” This is the “place requirement” that compels the citizen to “offer to vote” in his/her home precinct, elaborated upon by the PA Supreme Court:

To “offer to vote” by ballot, is to present oneself, with proper qualifications, at the time and place appointed, and to make manual delivery of the ballot to the officers appointed by law to receive it. The ballot cannot be sent by mail or express, nor can it be cast outside of all Pennsylvania election districts and certified into the county where the voter has his domicil. We cannot be persuaded that the constitution […]

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Act 77 is Unconstitutional

Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D., F.A.C.P.
rsklaroff@gmail.comAct 77 is Unconstitutional
January 29, 2022, Philadelphia, PA

The Commonwealth Court view that the PA mail-in voting law (Act 77) is unconstitutional was understandably uncritically celebrated, including on Bannon’s War Room (10 a.m. and 11 a.m., including input by Sam Faddis plus threads) but—to anticipate reversal by the Dem-dominated Supreme Court—key components of the *Opinion* must be parsed. Wally Zimolong had successfully argued the filing by Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko and a group of GOP state reps; on-cue, lefties running the Insurrection Index swung into action, claiming McLinko had attended Trump’s “Stop the Steal Rally” on J-6.

Highlighted during Bannon’s review was a startling observation that, as dicta, cries for a follow-up filing that could challenge all results of the 11/3/2020 election {page 45}:

Not a single case cited by the Acting Secretary stands for the proposition that a legislature can prevent judicial review of a statute, whose constitutionality is challenged, with a statute of limitations of any duration. This is because, simply, an unconstitutional statute is void ab initio.

This Lingua Latina phrase “ab initio” suggests that everything done after Act 77 passage is vulnerable including, of course, […]

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One Patriot With A Backbone Shows The PA GOP Establishment How It Is Done

by Charles “Sam” Faddis
January 28, 2022

In 2019 the Republican-controlled legislature in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania made a backroom deal with the Democrats and agreed to move the state to mail-in voting.  It was a disastrous move.  The 2020 election was marked by historic levels of fraud, and to this day major questions have never been resolved regarding who really won.

Ever since the white-hot base of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania has demanded that their elected representatives do the right thing and repeal Act 77, the bill that brought mail-in voting to the state.  Ever since the GOP establishment has employed smoke, mirrors, and other parlor tricks to suggest they were taking the demands seriously while actually doing nothing meaningful.

Undeterred Doug McLinko a county commissioner from Bradford County, Pennsylvania decided to take action. He filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Act 77 under the Pennsylvania state constitution.

Today the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, an appellate court with original jurisdiction in cases involving the state government announced its decision in McLinko’s suit.  They found Act 77 unconstitutional and declared it null and void.

Mail-in voting in Pennsylvania is dead.  The state will now return to in person voting in line with the desires of the vast […]

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2020 Was Only The Beginning: 2022 Is The Year Of The Big Steal In Pennsylvania

by Charles “Sam” Faddis
January 12, 2022

In November 2020, Pennsylvania held an election. Pursuant to Act 77, a bill passed inexplicably in 2019 by a Republican-controlled legislature, the state implemented mass, no excuses mail-in voting. Decisions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the partisan Secretary of State subsequently stripped out what few safeguards the legislature had bothered to implement.

The result was predictable. Opportunities for fraud were everywhere. One report, compiled after the election was over, found that the number of votes counted was more than 200,000 higher than the number of people who actually voted. Two hundred thousand votes somehow seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

No one in Harrisburg cared. Fourteen months later the legislature has made no move to return the state to in-person voting. An “audit” of the vote drags on with no discernible impact and with no clearly defined goals. Pennsylvania, it appears, intends to go into the 2022 election without fixing any of the issues manifested in 2020.As the Republicans slumber, however, the Democrats are moving with dispatch. What happened in 2020 was only the beginning.

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