In this video Greg Stenstrom reviews election fraud in Delaware County, PA from 2020 thru 2023. 20 counties in the U.S. can change the outcome of the national election.

In their book, The Parallel Election, he and Leah Hoopes discussed how, of the 64 national cases alleging election fraud, 20 were simply dismissed. Of the remaining cases none went into trial. The only evidence allowed to be submitted was a “risk-limiting audit” in which 1-2% of the votes are run through a scanner and compared with a hand count, which only proves that the scanner is working.

In contrast, in a forensic audit, you check into where the ballots came from, which was never done in any of these cases. The bottom line of election fraud is: “They substitute fake ballots for real ballots.”

Greg and Leah’s lawsuit regarding documented election fraud in Delaware County, PA is one of two remaining cases nationwide from the 2020 election which have not been resolved yet.

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2022 Election Integrity Awards

Greg Strenstrom and Leah Hoopes are plaintiffs in the only remaining election fraud case in Pennsylvania – and now the US – from the November 2020 general election, and are currently best known for their testimony in Gettysburg, PA, which has been viewed by millions of people around the world.

They are co-authors of The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception. As Republican poll-watchers in Delaware County in the 2020 election, they documented industrial-scale fraud with video evidence of election records being destroyed. Instead of supporting their efforts to expose corruption, both political parties colluded with the cover-up. The book recounts their efforts, the coverup, and their lawsuits to make elected officials do what is required in the law.

Doug McLinko is chairman of the Bradford County Commissioners and initiator of the lawsuit against Act 77 which authorized universal mail-in voting in PA and opened the door to widespread fraud and ballot harvesting in the state. The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania agreed with the litigants and declared Act 77 to be unconstitutional, before their ruling was overturned by the Democrat-controlled Supreme Court.

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