WI Sheriff: AG Refused Election Crime Evidence in March

Reprinted from article by  John B. Nevin, UNCOVER October 29, 2021

A press conference by the Racine County Sheriff’s Office accused the government officials in charge of administering Wisconsin’s election laws of breaking those election laws. The Sheriff and his lead investigator said that the state Attorney General’s office has known about the case since March but decided there is “nothing to see here.”

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling and the lead investigator Sergeant Michael Luell answered questions and presented documentation which is hosted for the public in a dropbox folder called ‘Election Integrity.’ That link was posted to Facebook along with the Livestream video of the conference. The documentation includes a complete timeline of the potentially criminal events and a slideshow presentation of the facts of the investigation.

The crimes relate to absentee votes by nursing home residents whose family members say they lacked the cognitive ability to cast them. Sgt. Luell investigated and found 8 such votes at that facility. “It’s already done,” Luell said, “They have committed crime after crime after crime.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for or how you voted or what side of the party line you are; this […]

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“What Arizona Audit Really Shows”

COMMENTARY BY Hans von Spakovsky 

Critics of the forensic audit of Maricopa County, Arizona—including local election officials and many reporters—who are crowing that the audit confirms that President Joe Biden won the election in Arizona, either don’t understand the purpose of an audit or are trying to deliberately obscure the most worrying findings in the audit.

As a former county election official in two different states, I was involved in multiple recounts. Recounts almost always only show slight differences from the original ballot tabulation. The fact that the hand recount in Maricopa County matched the machine recount simply means that the computer scanners used to scan and tabulate paper ballots were working properly.

However, the key point all of the critics of the Arizona audit are missing is that a recount simply recounts the ballots that were cast—a recount does not investigate, examine, or review the legitimacy of those ballots.

A recount does not verify or check whether ballots were cast by registered voters who are actually deceased; who do not actually live where they claim to live; who cast multiple votes because they are registered more than once; or who are not entitled to vote even though they are registered because they […]

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London Sunday Times: 
“So Trump was right: the election was rigged”

The Sunday Times in London affirms what most American media won’t—that the 2020 Presidential election in the U.S. was rigged. Here is what columnist Rod Liddle has to say in his September 26 article ( , So Trump was right: the election was rigged. And our next one will be too: 

Soon the public will wake up to something even more unpleasant and sinister: that the last presidential election was a fraud, rigged by big business, the labour unions and, more than anything, the media and the tech companies. If that election had taken place in any other country, it would have been called “unfree”. And, as more and more evidence emerges, it terrifies me that the same thing could happen here.

We already knew, even as Biden was declaring victory, that Facebook and Twitter had cut off Donald Trump’s access to the electorate. He was deliberately rendered voiceless. Before then, they — and the national media — had smothered stories alleging the Biden family’s peddling of influence and Biden’s crackhead son and his dubious business interests in Ukraine. False news, we were informed. Nope, not all of it was false at all, it transpired.

What we didn’t know until we […]

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High‐Level Review of the September 24, 2021 AZ Senate Audit Report

by Bill Bachenberg

This audit has been the most comprehensive and complex election audit conducted in this nation, however the audit has NOT been completed as of the date of this summary. Maricopa County intentionally withheld critical infrastructure and documentation and refused to answer crucial questions, in direct defiance of Arizona Senate‐issued subpoenas. Because of Maricopa County’s hostile defiance, the audit raises additional legitimate issues of concern, beyond those already uncovered, which remain unanswered to date.  

Below is a list of what Maricopa County failed to provide to the Auditors that remains critical to completing an audit:

  • ICX (electronic voting machines) units.
  • The Credentials to validate the ICP (ballot scanners) configuration or admin settings – unable to audit their wireless or LAN connections.
  • Certain passwords.
  • The Network Routers & Switches and their related configuration and log files.
  • Poll Worker Laptops (used to validate the voters).
  • Other Network connected devices.
  • Review of a Tabulator configuration – Hardware tokens never provided.
  • Systems accessing voter rolls never provided by County.
  • Provisional and Undeliverable Ballots never provided by County.
  • Canvasses to confirm voter rolls (removed from Scope of Work by the Senate)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (“SOP”) for signature validations.
  • Rejected Provisional Ballots and Uncured […]
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Reflections on PA Senate Subpoena to Dept. of State, 9/15/21

By Robert B. Sklaroff, M.D.

On 9/15/21, finally, PA Republicans issued a subpoena to the Department of State that included seeking personal information about voters in the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee’s probe of the 2020 election; included were voter records that illustrate the approach adopted toward achieving a ‘forensic audit’ along the following specific lines:

1) Any and all communications (emails, letters, notes of calls and/or meetings, or otherwise) from the Department of State to any County Election Director or member of a County’s Elections Board between May 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021.

2) A copy of each and every version of all directives, guidance(s), policies, or procedures in effect at any time between August 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 relating to elections, election systems, mail-in ballot applications, ballots, voting, compliance with state or federal election laws, polling places, and/or poll watchers.

3) All training materials used to train County election workers, poll workers, poll watchers, Judges of Election, inspectors, clerks, and all persons who staffed voting offices between August 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021.

4) A complete list containing the name, date of birth, driver’s license number, last four digits of social security number, address, and date of […]

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Degraffenreid and Governor Wolf – WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

Conscientious Commonwealth voters who care about election integrity know that Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid decertified Fulton County voting machines because she and Governor Wolf know independent examination of these machines and a full, forensic audit could reveal the true extent of election fraud committed in the 2020 presidential election. 

The Coalition for Election Integrity urges Tioga, York and Philadelphia counties, as well as other PA counties, to comply with requests for election information relevant to the 2020 election and not be bullied by efforts to cover up fraud by Governor Wolf and Secretary of State Degraffenreid, since their threats to decertify examined voting machines in a county could mean increased expenses to replace those. 

Each Pennsylvania county is responsible to their citizens to make sure the elections were conducted with complete integrity. All voting machines in every county should be inspected by independent firms not in collusion with the same actors who ran what many believe to be a fraudulent election in 2020.  

  • Arbitrary changes in voting rules by the Pennsylvania Department of State directly contradicted Pennsylvania Election laws and ignored orders by the U.S. Supreme Court to segregate ballots. 
  • Many ballots were counted at […]
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200 Patriots Call for Forensic Audit of 2020 Election at the State Capitol

The Coalition for Election Integrity, along with several statewide organizations, held an “AUDIT THE VOTE!” rally at the front steps of the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg on Wednesday, June 16 at 12 noon. The rally was attended by 200 Pennsylvania citizens from diverse groups calling for a forensic audit of the 2020 election. 

Several speakers urged Senator Jake Corman who is President Pro Tempore of the Senate and Sen. David Argall to have the Senate Government Committee issue subpoenas to Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties regarding election documents from the 2020 election, effectively initiating a forensic audit in those two counties. 

It is our conviction that without understanding the real extent of election fraud that took place last November in Pennsylvania, it will not be possible to make the corrections needed to assure that future elections are not also undermined. The survival of our nation’s identity as a constitutional republic is at stake. 

Partnering organizations included:

Coalition for Election Integrity, Pennsylvania Coalition for Election Integrity, Audit the Vote PA, Capitol Ministries, Patriots of the Constitution – Lehighton 9/12 Inc., Freedom Patriots United, Firearm Owners Against Crime, Gun Owners of America- PA and Conservatives for America (C4A) National Educational Group, Patriots 4 […]

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Assault On The Ballot Box – Lessons Learned In Pennsylvania

by Dave Ball April 15, 2021

Democracy, done well, depends on fair, open, and honest elections. From roughly the time of the first election, people have sought ways to gain an advantage over their opponents, some within the rules and some not so much.

This nation has seen its share of election dishonesty but the 2020 General Election witnessed industrial-scale election fraud.  Please spare me the nonsense that there was no fraud.  There was and I will prove it.

In this article, I will demonstrate the fact that fraud occurred in Pennsylvania, here in Washington County, in fact, and how election officials at all levels violated the law in certifying election results.  I will do this using their own numbers and their own source documents, documents anyone can obtain, examine and come to the same conclusions.  I will then suggest some actions that must be taken to first mitigate this type of fraud and then eliminate a good part of it.

In Pennsylvania, a person must be a registered voter to vote.  Whether a person votes by mail-in ballot or at a polling place, there are processes in place that are supposed to check that the person is registered and then record in a voter registry a notation against […]

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Repeal Act 77

By Sam Faddis
Senior Editor AND Magazine, Retired CIA officer, Author & National Security Commentator

For many years there has been a bipartisan consensus that the implementation of “no-excuse” mail-in voting on a large scale would open the door to massive electoral fraud. In 2005 a bipartisan commission co-chaired by Jimmy Carter found that what it called absentee ballots were a potential disaster. “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,” was the conclusion.

In 2012, a Miami–Dade County Grand Jury issued a public report on the subject, “Once that ballot is out of the hands of the elector, we have no idea what happens to it. The possibilities are numerous and scary.”

In California in 2016, after absentee ballot laws were enacted a San Pedro couple found more than 80 unused ballots on top of their apartment-building mailbox. All had different names but were addressed to an 89-year-old neighbor who lived alone in their building. Apparently, the ballots were to be picked up by someone, but the couple had intercepted them first. In the same election, a Gardena, California woman told the local paper that her husband, an illegal alien, had received a mail-in […]

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A Life-and-Death Crossroad for Our Nation

By Richard A. Panzer, Ph.D.
Coalition for Election Integrity

WITHOUT ELECTION INTEGRITY Our Constitutional Republic Will NO LONGER EXIST. It may still have the name, “United States of America,” but it won’t be the same country. 

Many Americans believe the 2020 presidential election was won by one candidate and stolen by the other. How was this possible? We don’t know the full story yet, but it appears there was a coordinated attack on the checks and balances in election laws in “battleground” states plus rampant manipulation of “mail-in” voting in the name of “fairness” and “protecting people from Covid 19 infection.”  

Despite hundreds, if not thousands, of signed affidavits from poll watchers who describe the abuses they observed, we are constantly told by the fake media that “there is no evidence.” Despite the unwillingness of many courts to even hear election fraud cases, the truth about voter fraud crimes is beginning to trickle out.  

  • An Illinois judge signed arrest warrants for five suspects on counts of forgery and perjury in the 2020 election.
  • In North Carolina, 24 were recently charged with voter fraud, especially non-citizens casting ballots. 
  • In Montana, […]
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