by Charles “Sam” Faddis December 30, 2021

The Secretary of State in Pennsylvania has responsibility for overseeing the integrity of the electoral process. Or, at least that used to be the case. Now it appears that the job of the Secretary of State is to ensure that the Democratic Party takes control of all aspects of state government and to manipulate the electoral apparatus as much as necessary to make sure that happens.

Governor Tom Wolf is in his last year. Pennsylvania is in the runup to crucial 2022 elections. A court case challenging the state’s mail-in voting provisions shows every indication of succeeding and taking the state back to a traditional system grounded in in-person voting by individuals whose identity has been established. That development threatens the entire thrust of Democratic efforts in Pennsylvania, which have been focused on “broadening” the electorate and dramatically loosening controls on who can vote and how.

So, Governor Wolf has brought in the fixer, Leigh Chapman to be his new Secretary of State. In this capacity, she will have broad power to make the rules governing the next election. Chapman comes to the job from running a group called Deliver My Vote. Not surprisingly, the whole mission of Deliver My Vote as laid out very succinctly on its website is to do away with the concept of in-person voting and take us to a system where everyone votes from home.

“Deliver My Vote is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)4 organization with a simple philosophy: vote at home programs increase turnout and participation from more informed voters. We listen, educate and activate voters in support of fair elections.”

Chapman previously worked in the Pennsylvania Department of State as the policy director from 2015-2017.

Chapman was also previously legal counsel in a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s requirement that voters show photo ID in order to vote.

Chapman and Deliver My Vote are part of a broader, well-funded Democratic effort to completely do away with in-person voting and move the entire nation to mail-in voting. This effort nationally is spearheaded by something called the National Vote at Home Coalition (NVHC) and its 501(c)(3) arm, the National Vote at Home Institute. These groups were founded in 2017 to push all mail voting nationwide. Phil Keisling, the chairman of the NVHC has described the mission of these groups as follows.

“Imagine a state where voters never have to show a photo ID; wait in voting lines; leave home or work early to get to their designated polling place; or worry about bad weather, traffic jams, finding parking or public transportation, or arranging childcare.
AVR’s [automatic voter registration] underlying policy premise is identical to vote-at-home’s; if the government knows you’re a citizen, you become a registered voter [emphasis added].”

This same concept was at the heart of the recently failed attempt by Democrats to completely nationalize the electoral process and take control of elections away from state legislatures. The bizarrely named “For the People Act” would have eliminated all voter ID requirements, mandated early voting and no-fault absentee voting, automatically registered to vote individuals as young as 16, and put the federal government in charge of redistricting. While that bill failed to pass the Senate, all of these changes remain aspirations of the Democratic Party.

This national movement to radically alter our method of electing our representatives is also behind something known as the National Popular Vote (NPV) which was created to lobby for The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). This initiative if adopted by the states would effectively destroy our current Electoral College system of electing a President. It would find the states to pledge their electors to whoever won the national popular vote. Given the current political dynamics in the country, this would essentially disenfranchise large portions of the electorate and put a handful of large states, like New York and California, in charge of electing our President.

Behind all of this is a huge amount of money, much of it coming as non-attributable donations known as “dark money” funneled through entities like the Soros-aligned Democracy Alliance. The goal of this entire effort is not fairness or equity. It is a fundamental transformation of the entire political system.

Since the birth of the republic, we have based our democracy on the concept of “one man, one vote.” That has meant both ensuring that everyone can vote and also that everyone can vote only once. If I vote and someone else votes ten times my vote has been dramatically devalued. If I vote and others who are not allowed to vote, or are dead, or don’t even exist, vote, I have been essentially disenfranchised.

To this end, we have put in place over the years checks and procedures designed to give us confidence in the results of our elections and ensure the legitimacy of our government. All of these checks and procedures are now under assault. A national effort is underway to take us to a system wherein fraud and election theft are institutionalized. The transparent goal of this is to install a permanent one-party state, which can never be successfully challenged at the ballot box.

We are a year out from the 2022 elections in Pennsylvania. The voters have not yet cast their ballots and most candidates have not yet filed the paperwork to announce their candidacies. It does not matter. In Harrisburg, the fix is already in.